Thoughts on Buffy s03e19

I never watched Buffy when it originally aired, and the time has come to fix it by watching it all the way through with my lovely girlfriend, who’s already seen it (and has the DVDs). We’re getting to the end of the season with s03e19, “Choices.”

  • Awwww, the Mayor went to one of those mall knife stores and got Faith a weird fantasy dragon blade! Do malls still have those stores?
  • I know I say it just about every time Principal Snyder appears, but I LOVE ARMIN SHIMERMAN.
  • Xander no. No, Xander. Do not read Jack Kerouac. No!
  • Buffy really does have good plans. I know I’ve pointed this out before, but her tactical game is A+. Has anyone ever written crossover fanfic where she meets Bruce Wayne and becomes Batgirl?
  • Go team everybody; way to plan a mystical box heist!
  • Man, the 90s: the era when suddenly everybody got lowered into a room by a complicated rig that suspended them from their hips. Thanks, Tom Cruise from that Mission: Impossible movie.
  • I know everybody is best friends and everything, and I hate to be seen to support terrible New Watcher, but he’s kind of right about the whole “needs of the many” problem, even though he doesn’t put it that way. Kind of. I’m not saying I’d go along with his plan, though.
  • Whoa: Willow has proven that (a) she can now throw down telekinetically if need be, albeit on a limited basis, and (b) the LD50 of wood for vampires in the Buffyverse is pretty low.
  • While I’m on the side of villains here, the Mayor’s speech about Buffy/Angel’s relationship is also on point.
  • Snyder, what the hell, man? Aren’t you in league with the Mayor or something? Oh, you didn’t … see him? Standing there? And you didn’t know the Mayor was into some shady magic shit? What is your deal, dude?
  • Why is this box full of demon spiders? Why would you need a box of demon spiders to complete your ascension ritual???
  • Somebody please tell me you’re gonna pull Faith’s fancy knife out of that demon spider and analyze it or something. Just do it! AAAAAAUUURGH
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