Thoughts on Buffy s02e22

As a man who’s watching Buffy for the very first time, this is a hell of a way to end a season. Here are my reactions to s02e22, “Becoming (Part 2).”

  • There’s basically no way Buffy’s mom can escape this episode without finding out something about what Buffy does, right?
  • Whistler almost, almost had useful information for Buffy. I’ve never liked the “cryptic mentor” trope.
  • I like Spike and Buffy’s interplay. Also, Spike’s outlook is all right for a vampire who generally regards people as food.
  • Yes, finally Buffy’s mom knows!!
  • Spike and Buffy’s mom are also great at being awkward together. A+, this scene.
  • Hmm, Buffy’s mom doesn’t quite get the whole Slayer thing, does she? Could it have been explained to her better, though? Almost certainly?
  • Seriously, Armin Shimerman, I love you, but what is Principal Snyder’s endgame here? If you know about the hellmouth, surely you know Buffy’s role in stopping what comes out? Or do you guys think she somehow causes it?
  • Had Drusilla demonstrated this creepy Jedi mind trick before she used it on Kendrwhoooaaaaa NO THAT IS NOT OKAY
  • Aw Giles, man, don’t fall for Fake Miss Calendar!
  • The way Drusilla keeps kissing him is funny, though, I admit.
  • I’m down with any episode that includes swordfighting. Especially that two-handed Lone Wolf & Cub sword catch move. Go, Buffy!
  • Buffy and Angel are still off-puttingly noisy kissers. Does anyone else notice this or is it just me?
  • Buffy, it’s cool, you did the right thing. The needs of the many!
  • What in the — where’s she going? What, you all just let her go?!
  • More importantly, is this Sarah McLachlan I’m hearing? Why do I only half-recognize the song? Is this off Fumbling Towards Ecstasy? We were all required by law to own a copy of this album, if I remember the 90s correctly. I think mine was a taped copy a female friend made for me.
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