Thoughts on Buffy s02e01

I never watched Buffy back in the day, and now I’m going through it episode by episode with my delightful girlfriend. Here are my thoughts on s02e01, “When She Was Bad.”

  • Am I going to have to keep a tally this season of the number of times Xander and Willow nearly kiss, but don’t? This shit’s gonna get old real quick if so. (tally: 1)
  • Armin Shimerman is still fucking amazing.
  • I’m renewing my promise to flip a table if Giles and the cyber-Wiccan never get together by the time s07 finishes.
  • This training montage makes me wonder why it’s Giles’s job to train Buffy. He’s a substantially-older British librarian. Can’t the Watcher subcontract the training part of the job to … someone else? Literally anyone else? Like a krav maga instructor? Not that Giles isn’t holding his own, but still. Still.
  • Cordelia’s horribleness makes her perversely reliable, doesn’t it?
  • Musical guest for this episode: Cibo Matto! Excellent. Someone tell me Massive Attack or Lisa Loeb make an appearance in the future! Nothing would please me more than to hear some character say “Wow, Tricky is playing the Bronze tonight?!”
  • Willow should not have to work as hard as she is to get Xander interested, for fucksake.
  • Xander isn’t much of a dancer. But I guess I wouldn’t be either in his shoes with Buffy dancing up on me like that. Fair.
  • I may have to keep a tally of how many times Buffy tells the other dudes “This is my fight.” The thing is, it is a 100% accurate assessment of the situation at all times. It’s not like the other dudes can fight vampires hand-to-hand, can they? No. No, they can’t.
  • Is it just me or did the outfits calm down? This is just the first episode, maybe Xander will be wearing a truly hideous shirt next time.
  • The very end of this episode made me laugh the hardest I’ve laughed at a TV show or movie in a very long time.

That’s … a lot of thoughts for just one episode. I’m detecting a trend here! I’m okay with it. In case you missed ‘em, the other Buffy posts are all here. There’ll be more. Oh, there’ll be more!

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