Thoughts on the end of Buffy Season 1

My girlfriend and I finished Buffy season 1 last night, and as predicted, I have some thoughts, in rough chronological order:

  • I will be utterly okay with it if Giles and Angel become bros for the duration of this show.
  • Cordelia is horrible, but surprisingly perceptive. Huh.
  • So Buffy has super strength and agility, but not poison resistance? This is good to know.
  • Are these FBI dudes going to show up in future seasons to harvest other useful casualties of the hellmouth for paranormal agent purposes? That is one proactive government agency, people.
  • I’m going to just pretend Buffy dresses in those incredibly short skirts for maximum maneuvering room when kicking vampires in the face.
  • Speaking of which, in answer to my previous point about always carrying a wooden weapon around: how about that!
  • Wow, I did not expect this Xander/Buffy thing to actually play out. At least he took his rejection … sort of well?
  • Double wow at Willow also rejecting Xander’s friend-date offer, but this scene stretches credibility for me in that I would be totally okay dating Willow instead of an unattainable and frankly dangerous-to-be-around Buffy.
  • If this show ends without Giles and the brunette cyber-Wiccan getting together for an episode or at least a memorable night, I will straight up flip a table.
  • The final episode of s01 has a surprising amount of fear and angst in it. I mean, it makes sense given what they’ve been through all season, but Buffy’s been pretty cavalier about danger and prophecy and all that business right up until this point. It’s not out of character, but it is slightly jarring.
  • Xander knows where Angel lives? Xander knows where Angel lives.
  • Okay, Xander decides to go take on a vampire lord alongside a known vampire just so Buffy doesn’t have to? Between that and the scene at the beginning, this episode could also have been titled “Xander Nuts Up.”
  • I think we can all tell Xander is my audience-identification character by now, huh.
  • That dude’s lair has way too many ground-level candles for Buffy to be wearing such a long dress around.
  • The guys who designed the 456 for Torchwood: Children of Earth are definitely Buffy fans, right? Just wondering.

I am ready for season 2 pretty much immediately. Though how’s that gonna work? Is that hellmouth really closed? ETC

I wonder if I should start tagging these Buffy reaction posts. You know what, I’m doin’ it. In the name of convenience!

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