Thoughts on Season 1 of Buffy thus far

I never watched Buffy. I say this not out of snobbery, but in grim confession. However, my lovely girlfriend and I have undertaken to correct this years-long error, and I have some thoughts on what I’ve seen of season 1 thus far (we’re two episodes away from the end).

  • I can’t decide if I like this show because it’s great, or because of uncontrollable 90s nostalgia
  • These are some amazing outfits
  • Buffy should really just carry at least one wooden weapon on her person at all times; why doesn’t she do that?
  • I don’t know if I’m supposed to laugh as hard as I am at the episode where Buffy and Cordelia are vying for the attentions of a brooding loner who sits apart from everyone and reads poetry during lunch
  • The pretty lady who’s also a cyber-Wiccan is the most 90s thing that it is physically possible to create
  • I would be down to see an entire movie centered around ROBODEMON; good job, costume/effects people!
  • Real talk: is Angel honestly that good-looking? No disrespect to David Boreanaz, but the dude’s got kind of a weird, lumpy face. No? Is it just me?
  • Oh shit, Armin Shimerman is in this show now! Everything is amazing
  • In the episode where everyone’s nightmares come true, the scene where Buffy’s “dad” talks to her had to have been the straight up coldest thing on TV that year

Will I have thoughts on the last two episodes? Probably.

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