miss this show.

This show shaped so much of my life.

This is the only joke from this show I remember, and for damn good reason.

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thecreativeintersection said: I might be wrong, but I don't think you've ever done an illustration of a Mountain Goats song like I've seen a lot of artists do for bands they like. Is there a reason for this?


I have, actually:



You are my candy girl. And you got me wanting you.

No, you’re the one contemplating watching the entire second season again in a single day.

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this post is my magnum opus

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"(Which suddenly reminds me of a gag the person I based Silent Girl on used to do. It involved her sidling up to a typical sort of indie snob in the pub and asking — in the manner of whether they like a band — whether they’re into Tamakeri. When they answer positively — and no indie snob ever admits to have not heard of a band — she punches them in the balls. Tamakeri is the Japanese fetish of working over the old testicles.)"

Kieron Gillen, “Going to hell,” Phonogram, Vol. 2: The Singles Club, Issue #5: “Lust, Etc.”

This is truly magnificent. The back-up essays in The Singles Club are highly underrated.

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This still makes me laugh. Good work, Silent Girl.

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Sorry for the extremely lengthy post on your dashes but this is so important

The world is watching, White America.


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Mongoose tells lions to “GET OFF MY LAWN”

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Thoughts on Angel s01e21-22

This now concludes the Angel Season One Speed Run, a side quest that I needed to complete before my girlfriend and I could resume walking through Buffy (she’s seen it all; we left off right before the start of s05). Time for s01e21, “Blind Date.”

  • What’s going on with this lady? Does she have Predator vision or is this more of a Daredevil thing goin’ on?
  • Lindsey, this is a pretty fast conversion to the side of good here.
  • A live vampire is probably a pretty good diversion under most circumstances, let’s all admit this right now.
  • Heh — are those Zip disks? Who else remembers Zip disks!
  • Aww, Cordelia and Willow doing over-the-phone decryption.
  • Oh, the blind assassin lady can only see motion! She’s like Daredevil crossed with a T-Rex.
  • See, I knew I wasn’t buying this “Lindsey turns into a good guy” thing.

And since it’s kind of a two-parter-ish, let’s close out the season with s01e22, “To Shanshu in LA.”

  • Oh man, I hope this software billionaire guy becomes a regular just so he can become the most awkward demon hunter possible.
  • Detective Kate, your reputation for weirdness is now just pretty much accepted fact department-wide, isn’t it? And how are you still mad at Angel?
  • Way to lay out the essential quandary of Angel’s life, Wesley. Cordelia being determined to help by getting Angel a hobby is really sweet, though.
  • What in the fuck — the Oracles? How do you kill prescient beings?
  • Oh no, neverending vision spasm. I can see how that would be no fun.
  • On this episode of Real Talk with Angel and Detective Kate, Angel finally decides to quit taking shit from her! You’ll never believe what happens next!
  • You know, the title of this episode really does give away the true meaning of “shanshu.” Just sayin’.
  • Hey, who’s that in the box? Is that The Smiler? I guess her name is Darla?
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me getting onto tumblr in the morning

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