Tell me why you followed my blog



anon or not.

Whenever I get a new follower here (as opposed to the other blogs where I actually post my photos), I scroll back though a few pages and just go, “Ugh. Even *I* wouldn’t follow me.”

Anyone care to satisfy my curiosity? And I do have anon on, for the shy folks.

While I’m gone, answer me this if you would, because this actually is a thing I wonder about.

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One of my favourites is when Kirk saves the ship and crew through the power of dance.

Thursday-Sunday plans(?)

I’m gonna be scarce around here until Monday. Stay strong.

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I’m terrible at San Diego recaps

I think I’m finally getting a handle on how to properly Comic Con. SDCC is always exhilarating but exhausting to me: I have three different groups of friends, all of them great, who don’t know each other and have no real reason to hang out. This means I try to spend as much time with each of them as possible, bouncing between them like a pinball. I’m happy to do this — they’re my friends and they’re awesome — it’s just logistically complicated, and I still don’t get to see any one group of them quite enough. What I need is some kind of FriendCon I can put together, minus all the other extra people and what I’ve come to think of as the Celebrity Zoo. I don’t have any good stories of random celebrity encounters this year, but I did run across what seems like an abnormal number of them. But yes: FriendCon. If a bag of diamonds falls on me from the clear blue sky, that’s what they’re getting spent on. I have just decided this.

All right, in bullet point form, some things from SDCC 2014:

  • The first thing I did when I left the San Diego airport: have Wendy’s for lunch.
  • I encountered a bartender who either did not know how to make a bourbon & ginger or somehow mistook a bottle of margarita mix for bourbon; this mystery will never be solved.
  • I learned that one of the most subtly traumatizing things you can be handed in a retail position is a dollar bill that is moist for no discernible reason.
  • It turns out there is a point at which a mass burrito order can accumulate enough entropy that you can be assured something will be fucked up; that point is “anywhere past three distinct orders.” This can be forgiven if the resulting burritos are still tasty enough.
  • The degree to which Square streamlines both the point-of-sale workflow and end-of-day analytics for a Comic Con booth staffed by multiple different artists is shocking.
  • There is, in fact, a way to get a quick, peaceful dinner directly after the show floor closes that literally nobody but me and six friends know about, and I will defend this secret to the death.
  • A possibly incomplete list of celebrities I came within hailing distance of but did not speak to: Fitz, Sky, Agent Coulson, Castiel, Sam Winchester, Sandor Clegane, Ygritte, Jon Snow, Donna Meagle, the Eleventh Doctor, Malcolm Reynolds.
  • The last thing I did before leaving for the San Diego airport: have Wendy’s again. Wendy’s is important to anyone who’s spent significant amounts of time in San Francisco because there aren’t any within city limits.


Dancing Superheroes :)

Basically every Comic Con, to some degree or another.

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Back again and there

I’m back from Comic Con and it’s a minor miracle that I can speak, as I thought I’d completely lost my voice by day two. Because my life is just like this now, I’m leaving in about 40 hours for the giant Star Trek convention in Vegas to help run a booth there (here’s a hint). The thought of attempting to catch up on nearly a week of Tumblr activity just in time to jet off and miss at least four more is terrifying to me, so instead I just want to say I hope you are all fantastic and ask what happened around here while I was gone?


Regular service will be restored early next week

Heading down to San Diego for Comic Con, not bringin’ my computer, never installed the Tumblr app

It is by will alone that I set my mind in motion

Everybody be good while I’m gone


Thoughts on Angel s01e06

Because I hit season 4 of Buffy, I’ve been urged to start Angel, so that’s what I’m doin’. All of these posts will live in the Buffy tag because I am a cruel and uncaring force of anarchy. It’s time for s01e06, “Sense and Sensitivity.”

  • Hey, it’s that cop who has no idea Angel’s a vampire!
  • Did … did he just kill some kind of land kraken?
  • I’m instituting a countdown for how long it’ll take this Detective Kate to figure out Angel’s a vampire (or until he just tells her). I’m going with two more episodes.
  • I don’t know about these scene transitions, guys.
  • Way to go with this dock scene. Angel’s doofy mook act is great, and this mobster trying to menace him from the back of a police car is basically adorable.
  • This sensitivity training! Is this “talking stick” gonna get used as a bludgeon by the time the episode is over?
  • Oh wait, no, the sensitivity trainer is in on whatever this plot against Detective Kate is! Way to bring this shadowy law firm back, too.
  • Wow, this retirement speech for your dad is kinda going off the rails here, Detective Kate.
  • Whoa, all the cops are getting mad real with each other right now. “Your need for catharsis is not the issue here!” [PUNCHES]
  • Where is this place Angel’s investigating right now? Is it a house? I guess not, since he can just walk right on in?
  • Hahaha, the entire police force has totally lost their minds.
  • Oh no, now Angel has it. This show’s only six episodes in and their comedy game is strong.
  • Yes, everybody hug it out. Hug it out!
  • Okay, so now it’s the next morning? How did Angel and his sun-sensitive self get to the police station, his usual “underground tunnels” method? Does nobody ever comment on the weird guy who smells like a sewer walkin’ around?
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Beautiful sci-fi concept art by John Wu.

The only reason to wish for an afterlife is to be able to stick around and see what our spaceships look like a few centuries from now.

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I knew it: bein’ fat really does rock, doesn’t it, Todd?



I knew it: bein’ fat really does rock, doesn’t it, Todd?

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